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UT Choral Ensembles


The University of Tennessee Choral Program boasts a long and rich tradition in choral excellence. Choral ensemble participation provides a rich tapestry of experiences and opportunities for students all across campus. Singing in one of UT's ensembles has been one of the largest student participating activities on campus for many years. Thousands of UT students have shared the experiences of preparing and presenting concerts to audiences of all kinds and sizes - regionally, nationally and internationally -  and from these experiences they take away valuable musical memories and friendships. The energy generated by these singers makes UT a very exciting place to sing and creates a rich environment in which to create music, develop personal artistry, and participate in the power of voices joined in song. In short, choral music at the University of Tennessee echoes the rest of the UT experience — new ideas, new approaches, and new understandings! For more info, visit