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Blond Bones


Blond Bones is an up and coming local band founded in 2015 by Christian Barnett and Joe Rebrovick, both Nashville natives. Influenced by 1960’s style melodies mixed with fusion and dance rhythms with an intent on lyricism steeped in storytelling, this local acoustic duo quickly grew into an indie pop/surf rock quartet when they added band members Joey English and Daniel Ryan to complete the foursome. Bandleader Christian Barnett and drummer Daniel Ryan studied jazz at the University of Tennessee, while bassist Joe Rebrovick originally studied acting before turning his attention towards music. Guitarist Joey English released three solo folk albums under his own name before joining the band.

The group is currently touring the southeast, promoting their new EP “Sierra” – self described as “cosmic American dance music” -  to listen and keep up with the bands tour dates please visit and sign up for their newsletter or go to