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Feb 13

You Always Have Better Ballet Tickets Than I Do…

I always have a seat under the stage for ballet, so while I get some interesting views of fog, I never get to see whatever is going on in the show. This week changes everything because we have the Appalachian Ballet Company performing while we play romantic music. I always marvel at the dancers and […]

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Feb 7

Soiree and Swoon

This past Tuesday, as part of the Knoxville Symphony League’s Elegant Dining Series, the musicians of the KSO hosted a “Symphony Soiree” where we musicians cooked the food and provided the entertainment. The event was a unique chance to get to hear somewhat different music from fellow classical musicians in the orchestra along with the […]

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Feb 4

Casting a spell with live music and a beloved film

Playing movie scores is challenging because you have to be flexible and adjust tempos within scenes, but you also do not have the luxury of being able to slow down scenes that are difficult. The rehearsals tend to be intense because you don’t wait for the action in the movie to pass by, you just […]

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Jan 30

Chat with the Conductor – Part II

Get to know conductor, coffee drinker and crossword puzzle enthusiast Aram Demirjian in this Q&A post, Part II of II. Read Part I here. 1. Can you briefly describe what made you *sure* you wanted to pursue music as a career? What, if anything, bolstered that decision? I remember I was walking home in college […]

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Jan 25

Violins That Bring Hope

As a musician, I enjoy it when people trust me enough to allow me into their world for important events in their lives. We see them at weddings, funerals, church services, and sometimes in the hospital. It’s a privilege to be invited into someone’s world. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the city’s Martin Luther […]

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We are thrilled to be joined by mezzo-soprano Solange Merdinian for tonight's performance of Manuel de Falla's "El…, February 14, 2019

This week! music inspired by Romeo & Juliet, Falla's "El Amour Brujo" or Love, The Magician Ballet Suite with…, February 13, 2019

RT @apeville: My interview with @aramdemirjian of @knoxsymphony ...For the record, HE brought up baseball first!, February 13, 2019

RT @knoxtntoday: Pulgars raise family while raising music #ktt #knoxtntoday @knoxsymphonyFri, February 8, 2019

Happy 87th birthday, John Williams! #JohnWilliams #thelegend #starwars #HarryPotter #JurassicPark #homealone #jaws…, February 8, 2019