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Knoxville Symphony League

Funds for Music Education

Music education is the primary philanthropy of the Knoxville Symphony League. Through fundraising efforts, more than $200,000 is raised in support of education each season.

The Symphony League provides funds for the KSO Youth Orchestras, including scholarships.

The Knoxville Symphony League hosts a variety of fund raisers throughout the season including a dinner at Club LeConte following the Opening Night Gala, a Showhouse, Elegant Dining events, pre-concert dinners and an annual ball.

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Save the date: December 6: for the KSL Ball!


The Knoxville Symphony League Ball will take place on December 6, 2014 at the beautiful Cherokee Country Club ballroom. Patrons will enjoy cocktails during a silent auction to the sounds of the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra string quartet, and will be dazzled by the evening’s live entertainment, which will be in stride with the ball’s theme, “Diamonds are Forever.” After enjoying a delicious meal, guests will have the opportunity to bid at a live auction, packed this year with fantastic getaways and fabulous items for bidding.

NEW THIS YEAR: Between dessert and the live auction, guests will revel in a spectacular live show, “Bedazzled by Jewels.” This show will include a performance by vibrant young dancers from the local company, GO! Contemporary Dance Works, with modern movement that will make your head spin. This is simply the introduction to a performance by two professional international ballroom dancers, Mireille Tuendemann and Nathan Simler, who will dip and twirl to the Foxtrot, the Tango and more.

Following the live auction, all guests are invited to join in the dancing to the colorful tunes of the Al Curtis Orchestra for a swinging good time. Enjoy this exuberant bedazzling performance; an evening bursting with elegant entertainment with a modern twist.