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Chamber Classics



TicketsSunday, October 1, 2017 - 2:30pm
please call 865-291-3310


This program opens the Chamber Classics series with Austrian composer HK Gruber’s Frankenstein!! A Pan-Demonium for Chansonnier & Ensemble. Debuted in 1978, this humorous piece includes spoken word and sung verse by a narrator or chansonnier to accompany the orchestra who talk-sings of Frankenstein and other demons he encounters. The program concludes with Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 60 known as Il Distratto, or “The Distracted,” which is a playful piece intended to almost make the audience laugh out loud.


GRUBER: Frankenstein!! A Pan-Demonium for Chansonnier & Ensemble

HAYDN: Symphony No. 60, "Il Distracto"

Subscriptions to the Chamber Classics Series are on sale now; single tickets go on sale in August 2017.


Aram Demirjian

Scott Bearden