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Music and Wellness Program

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's newest initiative

Under the leadership of Music Director Lucas Richman, who is nationally acclaimed for his work in this field, the KSO has successfully launched an award-winning Music & Wellness program.


The KSO dmployees Board Certified Music Therapist Alana Dellatan Seaton to work with musicians as part of the award-winning Music & Wellness program. Alana holds a Master’s degree in Music Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Psychology. She has ten years of clinical experience and has managed her own private practice in both New Orleans and in Knoxville over the past ten years.

The hiring of a part-time Music Therapist was made possible as the KSO was one of 22 American orchestras selected in 2015 to receive a  Getty Education and Community Investment Grant administered by the League of American Orchestras. This grant supports a part time position for the KSO's music therapist, helps the program continue to expand and most recently support the purchase of iPad technology so that musicians working in the program have access to hundreds of pieces of music instantly.  This helps them better accommodate paient musical preference.


The mission of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s Music & Wellness program is to provide live musical performance that enhance the healing process and benefit patients, visitors and staff in healthcare settings.


The power of music extends beyond the concert hall and touches our daily lives in whatever we do. One of our missions at the KSO is to acknowledge and develop our musical connections throughout the community. We already have in place a music and education commitment to bring music to children throughout East Tennessee. Now we are turning our attention to the healthcare community.


The KSO has set up collaborations between healthcare providers and musicians in order to fully nurture, develop, and utilize the healing power of music. Currently KSO string quartets perform at UT Medical Center and Covenant Healthcare facilities for patients while they are receiving treatment and in waiting rooms for families of patients as well as for members of the Wellness Community. We continuously look for possibilities to incorporate our musicians into Arts and Medicine programs offered in other healthcare facilities in our area.  We know that establishing these partnerships has enhanced the lives of patients as they go through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery within a medical setting.


KSO musicians working in the Music & Wellness program have completed training through the Music for Healing and Transition Program.  They are currently completing practicum clinical hours and in 2015-2016 will become Certified Music Practitioners recognized by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. 


It is acknowledged by those involved in these programs that incorporating music into the healing process uplifts the spirit of the patients and by doing so accelerates the recovery period.

In 2006 the KSO received a Bank of America Award for Excellence in Education based on the Music and Wellness Program.

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